Sarah McAdam


What do you do?

I play a coordinating role for Transition Network, keeping an eye on the overall health of our organisation and our relationships with others across and beyond the Transition movement.  I support and coach the team individually and collectively as we develop governance arrangements, strategies, external partnerships, internal processes and ways of working that we believe are increasingly effective, responsive, focused and resilient.

What do you find most surprising or delightful about working in the field of Transition?  

I’m fascinated by the way that the challenges, issues and potential solutions that we experience when working for Transition Network, mirror the challenges, issues and potential solutions that Hubs and Transition groups are also grappling with at national and local level.  And how we can look inside ourselves as individuals and find the same challenges and issues showing up internally!  Which is just one reason why it’s so rewarding to connect with other Transitioners and find out what’s working for them.