Sueli Souza

Blumenau em Transição, Brazil.

Tell us about your Transition initiative in 20 words: It started when I decided to close my trade representative activities and devote my time to family and home. Added to this, I deployed my organic garden and resumed the craft.

What, or who, was your first encounter with Transition?  Transition was already happening in my life and I came to really question the meaning of selling so many unneeded things,  wondering why people need so many things. Another concern was the competition and non-cooperation. During this process, I undertook a permaculture course In New Oikos in Singapore. I did not know exactly what to expect, but I came with the assurance that  “paying” my carbon quota would be interesting. I realized the strong connection that most people had to the land. The happiness and lightness that came through being immersed in permaculture led me to research more. After that, I did other courses, always geared to sustainability and organic farming, and soon after I did the Transition Launch trainin.  I fell in love, definitely. Discovering a world of opportunities and especially the cooperation that I consider the main tool for successful  projects.

What do you love about Transition?  Cooperation, and the increasingly growing network of people engaged in the common good. I realize that just needed a little push, but love and willingness to help is within each of us.

If there was one thing you would change about your journey through Transition, what would it be, and what would help you do it?  I would not change anything. I believe that the errors and time were appropriate and valuable. Giving the example of organic farming, it is said that when something is growing too fast, it is going to die. Its value is in durability, high power to nurture, and with the right techniques, can generate food even more beautiful, larger and colorful than conventional farming. So I believe the same principle to the transformation of the individual.

When you’re not doing Transition, what do you do?  What I do is to connect people, through introductions, through art, the germination of seeds, the techniques of organic gardening, etc. I believe that through art, food and nature, we can rescue our essence and therefore our balance and happiness.  

What one piece of advice would you give someone new to Transition?  I would say to listen to the heart and find what makes you happy and that is really good. For example. if the person loves computers and is good at it, you can contribute a few hours for the dissemination of the project.  I realize that I often commit the error of judgment. Any exclusion alone is hurting the principles of “embrace”.  It isn’t necessary to be “green” or any other title to be helpful in this Transition process.

Gratitude to all who are inspired me to become increasingly optimistic about the direction of our planet and our species. If the end is inevitable, it is with dignity, Union and resumption of our essence.