Yaz Brien

Vive Engagement – Transition Together (England & Wales)

Yaz leads on developing and growing the Transition Together Vive platform, an online community of peer-to-peer connection, collaboration and support. They have worked across the frontlines of homelessness, mental health, drug and alcohol recovery and domestic abuse, as well as community reuse and nature based projects. Their passion for justice has seen them involved in grassroots organising and activism across continents, and participation in worker, housing and community cooperatives. In their spare time they are learning how to grow food on an allotment, hosting events, and exploring how we practice self-care for collective liberation.

Yaz – What do you find most surprising or delightful about working in the field of Transition?

Every single day I encounter stories of people joining together to develop solutions and experiment with new ways of working. While the global challenges we face are complex and manifest differently for communities all over the world, I have the privilege of being reminded daily that our common hopes and dreams for the world and each other transcend national and cultural boundaries.