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Transition groups (and others) are already running brilliant, inspiring projects and enterprises that create new livelihoods, and show new ways of providing essential good and services. The REconomy Project (part of the Transition Network) is here to help you get started on your own activity...


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About this project

Date started:
January 2011
Number of people involved:
Number of people benefitting:
Goals or benefits:
Building community resilience and wellbeing
Related Transition stage:
Daring to dream


What’s the REconomy Project for?

A number of Transition groups or initiatives (TIs) are creating new livelihoods and enterprises, and expanding their area of influence deep into their local economic system.

The REconomy Project is here to help you do the same where you live – to take on the exciting challenge of transforming the economic destiny of your local community – moving away from the doomed ‘business as usual’ model and towards something that helps build resilience rather than destroy it, that offers opportunity and hope despite the challenges we face, and that demonstrates a system of trade and exchange that’s more sustainable, equitable and anchored in wellbeing, rather than economic growth at any cost.

What does REconomy look like on the ground?

There’s an increasing number of TIs already doing REconomy activity even if they don’t call it that, for example, starting new enterprises, especially community owned energy companies and food businesses. These individual ventures tell a great story about new ways of doing business that’s more sustainable and fair, as well as being financially viable.  Others are starting local currency projects, setting up ‘buy local’ campaigns or working with local businesses in some other way. 

While this REconomy activity is essential and inspiring, fully transforming your local economy will require more than new individual enterprises or projects (though this is a great start). It needs change in other parts of your local system too – for example, availability of employment space and land, support and incubation for entrepreneurs, helping existing businesses change their models, and ensuring the right skills are available as well as appropriate types of investment. To help bring about the desired changes, some TIs are already experimenting with the kind of strategic leadership project that works with partners to transform the local economic infrastructure.

How can we help you?

We provide a range of resources, online training courses, webinars and support events around the UK. Most importantly perhaps, we share your stories (as well as those from outside Transition). These stories illustrate the power of community-led economic development, to inspire, replicate and help scale up our overall response – these are mainly shared via our blog and social media.

Not from the UK?

There’s growing interest in REconomy activity from other countries where Transition is already happening. We are working with 10 national Transition Hubs to explore how a REconomy-type project might work in their countries. We suggest you contact your National Hub (check here to see if you have one) to discuss your REconomy interest with them. Meanwhile we hope many of our resources will be useful for you, wherever you live.

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Visit the REconomy Project website.


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Fiona Ward
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