I am a Researcher

How Researchers can engage with Transition

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Transition Network and Research

The collaboration of grassroots, real-time experimentation a...

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Researching groups

What to do if a researcher contacts your group.

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Existing Research

Examples of research currently underway within and around th...

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This is the page to find help with formal, academic research. As Transition is a movement of communities which are engaged in real life, real time experiments by ordinary people who are creating, bit by bit, a resilient, sustainable culture, research and learning are important to us.

Whether you are an academic researcher seeking to find out what research has been done, want to do a bit of research, or a member of a Transition group who want to do some evaluation of the work you are doing or a wanting to know how to work with academic researchers this section is designed to answer your questions and give you pathways to find the information you need