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Already Set Up a Transition Initiative? Do You Want Help to Take your Next Steps?  This two day workshop will help you to Thrive.

We know it’s not easy “Transitioning”. It’s one of the most rewarding things anyone can do in these changing times. Using our specially designed Health Check we explore together what has been done well, what can be improved and how each person can move forward.



"Jam-packed with deep experiences." participant from Thrive training St Andrews


We find many common themes that people bring to this training:  

  • Inspiring more people to get involved is not always easy
  • We could do more if we got the funding we need
  • Wouldn't it be great to revitalise our local, economy… but how to start?
  • What inspiring examples of ‘Transition’ enterprises that we need in our place?
  • Could we be more effective with our communication?
  • Our groups can be less effective than they might be
  • Many of us are feeling burnt out, how can we recharge our batteries?

"This was a great experience both personally and for our Transition movement." participant Thrive training St Andrews

This training opens new ways of living and working for you personally, and has reignited many Transition Initiatives.Thrive Belgium

Transition THRIVE is an advanced exploration of the Transition model and process. We regularly explore how to sustain momentum in your Transition Initiative, and what will help you to thrive as you deepen into the process. Each person can learn specific and attainable ways to either get their Transition Initiative back on its feet or onto the next level.

"The course was great for the development of our Transition project as well as my personal development. It has provided a useful forum and time and facilitation to develop our Transitition project while at the same time providing time for reflection." participant Thrive training St Andrews

As trainers we often hear the that the ability to increase resources coming into the project – both time and money, and the ability of you personally to sustain your ability to do this work, were key barriers to sustaining momentum in Transition Initiatives.   Transition THRIVE specifically addresses these issues and is designed to help you create a plan that is right for you and your initiative, and to help you achieve the next level of Transition in your community.
We will be examining in detail how to go about bringing in the vital resources and how to engage our communities that have made Transition Towns one of the most hopeful and successful social change movements of our time.

Writing on flip chart

Here is participants feedback on Transition Thrive.

Transition THRIVE overview

We have developed an easy, practical tool to help you find the successes, gaps, and challenges in your Transition Initiative. You can read a blog post about it here.

The course is set out as a menu of possibilities that are dependent on the

needs of each group, so the content changes for each course. Our intention is to make the time we spend as valuable and relevant to each participant, and to tailor the areas we cover to the actual needs of the group that come. The areas that are typically covered are:

  • Reach out to the concerned but not yet involved
  • Fund your initiative
  • Create jobs and new enterprises in a local, green economy
  • Develop effective communication strategies
  • Find ways to maintain your personal resilience

We will be exploring what works and what doesn't for other Transition Initiatives. As always in Transition Trainings, we will be weaving together theory and practice, information and experiential learning, and flexibility within a structured approach .

Who is this training for?

This 2-day training is for people who…

  • are part of an established TI that is moving from the start-up phase into creating local resilience
  • are joining an existing TI and who are looking to gain u

    Transition Training in Brazil

    seful skills and insights into their next steps in Transition
  • are working with or for local government
  • are from another environmental group who want to gain additional skills and insights into creating community resilience.

Who is training this NOT ideal for?

This 2-day training is not ideal for people who…

  • are new to transition and want to evaluate the model and practice to see if it is for them (Go to Transition LAUNCH
  • are part of a TI that is just beginning or about to start (Go to Transition LAUNCH) 
  • want additional skills or awareness in how to communicate about peak oil and other reasons why we need to do transition,  fundamental skills around awareness raising, fundamental skills in how to set up and run an Open Space event, or the basic skills in how to create and run a successful initiating group (Go to Transition LAUNCH) 
  • are looking for detailed skill sets in how to run successful groups and group process
  • are wanting to know how to give an inspirational and informative talk on Transition towns (Go to Transition TALK)

Ready to book?

The first step is to visit the Training Calendar which gives details on specific courses.  Each listing has it's own contact person who will make the booking.

See the Training Calendar for details on upcoming THRIVE courses.


Photo: CC Sven Nieder