The online version follows the two day face to face training, but with the strengths that an online course can bring.  Some of the many things that make it easier and better to do this training online are:

You can do it in your own time: there will be a weekly time we hold the webinar, but you can download or stream the webinar which will be up on the online ‘classroom’ (which is open all the time), so you can learn in your own time, review and re-watch whenever you like and learn at your own speed.

It’s more spacious: by attending for 1 1/2 hours over eight weeks, you are getting the training in smaller chunks so you can think about it and digest it.

It’s more applied: between the weekly webinars you will have optional tasks which enable you to apply what you have learned and then because the classroom is open you can ask questions which the facilitators and the others on the training will be available to answer and discuss.

There’s more of it: We are also able to put in new material into this training we can’t fit into the two day. So it is a more complete experience to what we can do on the two day training.

It’s more flexible and works around you: we recognise that coming together with others is a great experience and there is nothing like the feeling of trust and togetherness that develops on a face to face training, but for some doing the training from home actually works better.

It saves you money and time: doing this training from home eliminates expensive and costly travel.

You get more teachers: we have some of the real experts from Transition training organisations around the world facilitating different segments. So you get the experience of people delivering the subjects they are passionate about.

Meet the team that will be delivering Launch online

Naresh Giangrande

Tina Clarke

Claire Milne

Josue Dusoulier

Juan Del Rio