Week One

We get to know each other and the technology.  We start by looking at what is a Transition group, and how one gets set up. There is an introduction to the Transition model and the principles behind it. We examine the issues around the right scale to create an Transition Group.

Week Two

This week we look at why we need to do Transition. We explore the context issues; such as climate change and peak oil, and wider ecological questions, and social justice and equality. We continue with an introduction to the Transition model and the principles behind it.

Week Three

We examine why we need a positive vision and how to do it. We will do an interactive visioning process, and share experiences of using visioning. Lastly we will look at different ways to create a positive vision in different contexts.

Week Four

We look at community engagement, why we need to do it and how. We explain how people engage with change. We also take a look at some examples of practical projects that other Transition groups have done.

Week Five

We look at groups and group process, in particular the role of the initiating group. We look more generally at how and why functioning in groups can either be heaven or hell; and how to ensure that your group has the best chance of being highly functional and effective.

Week Six

We examine the role of networking and partnerships. A strategic model for building good relationships in your community is explained.

Week Seven

We introduce the role and practices of Inner Transition. What is Inner Transition, and why is it important? We will offer some psychological models which make it easier for us to incorporate this often neglected and tricky side of Transition.

Week Eight

Will see us look at the global spread of Transition, how to connect with and make best use of the world wide learning network. We will conduct an online closing of our time together.

Week Nine

We sometimes include an optional week nine of open discussion as a kind of Open Space.