Thrive Testimonials

Transition Thrive – What Participants Say

Thrive Training Brussels May 2014

“I loved the exchanges between participants and the great energy.”

“It is always refreshing to see how other initiatives are doing, and taking some time with excellent tools (i.e. the diagnostic) to evaluate your initiative.”

“I left with what I had come for: a diagnosis of my initiative and a tool to rebuild it, regularly exchanges with other Transition groups, many new ideas, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm for the future.”

“The Health Check is very helpful. The little preparatory work (interview) was very informative. The reflection on the structure, presentations and discussions on concrete projects, the process of change, the economic vision of Max Neef and project REconomy have particularly interested me, even if some subjects were already a little known.”

“Interesting, resourceful: full of openings, thoughts, and possibilities.”

“I like and would recommend this training; it is solid in its theoretical aspects, and is a concentration of the best practices in the Transition world.”

Feedback on the Transition Thrive course held in Totnes on 16-17 June 2012

“As good as I expected (which says a lot). Very good use & explanation of psychological ideas.”

“Beautiful energy and leadership by Naresh and Mandy.”

“Ace trainers!”

Feedback on the Transition Thrive course held in Peterborough on 26.-27. May 2012

“I feel that this has really helped to evaluate, re-focus and energise our group with a renewed sense of purpose.”

“Very much enjoyed positive psychology section – this made me re-evaluate what goes on (in my initiative) and how I might view people who do or don’t get involved.”

“I really appreciated the trainers coming from a distance to share and facilitate, to help us to move forward. It was particularly helpful in these early stages of the group. Thank you.”

“Found the whole weekend inspiring and it has re-focussed me and accessed ideas I didn’t know were in my head.”

Feedback on the first Transition Thrive course 19th – 20th November 2011

“Great practical ideas”

“I got loads of info about some of our next stage and in particular about social enterprise.”

“I valued getting a sense of the bigger picture of how a Transition business can fit into the wider economy, and the explanation of the business model of a social enterprise.”

“I have learned that sustainability isn’t just a concept but it applies personally, I have learned to conserve my energy.”

“I have learned the importance of all the different energies in a group and learned to value them all. And how we can organise ourselves to use the best of what we do (Appreciative Inquiry).”


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