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Transition National Hub Initiatives

Transition National Hub Initiatives are listed in this directory. There are also many more local initiatives around the world.

Hub name State/Province Country
Transição em Portugal Porto Portugal
Italia en Transition Bologna Italy
Brazil National Hub São Paulo Brazil
France France
Ireland and Northern Ireland Network Wicklow Ireland
Nederland Overijssel Netherlands
Transition Romania București Romania
Red de Transición España - Transition Spain Barcelona Spain
Norway (Omstilling Norge) Oslo Norway
Japan Tokyo Japan
Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg
Transition Sweden - Omställning Sverige Stockholm Sweden
United States California United States
Chile National Hub for Transition - Asociación Instituto Chileno de Permacultura Bio-Bio (VIII) Chile
Omstilling Danmark - Transition Denmark Copenhagen Denmark
Germany: Transition Netzwerk Hessen Germany
Transition Hub in Croatia Zagreb (city) Croatia
Hub for Transition Hungary Budapest Hungary
Réseau Brussels Belgium
Latvian Hub for Transition Madonas Rajons Latvia