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Black Lives Matter

The Transition Network team stands in solidarity with Black people in the US and those all across the world who are calling for an end to structural racism and racist violence. We acknowledge our responsibility to speak out against racism and actively work to dismantle it, all of the time not only in this moment.

March 2019 is International Transition Health Check Month!

We are really excited to be launching the first international health check month for the Transition Movement. Many Transition Groups have already arranged to get together to carry out a health check this month.  If you haven’t set up a meeting yet, it’s not too late to take part – see the end of this […]

Get ready for MAKE SMTHNG Week!

This exciting campaign runs from 23 November (Black Friday) to 2 December 2018 and supports local organisers all around the world to create events and experiences that celebrate creativity and challenge our consumerist culture. Organised by Shareable, Greenpeace international and a bunch of other partners, Make SMTHNG Week is an international festival of making which gives all of […]

It’s time to talk about We

Naresh Giangrande, a co-founder of Transition Town Totnes and Transition Network and, until recently, our Training Coordinator, shares some personal reflections about the Transition movement’s impact and potential.  We know that many people around our movement are currently asking similar questions in these turbulent times.  Naresh offers one perspective and we are keen to create space […]

Transition Network – our new Purpose!

We’re pleased to report that the Transition Network team has agreed a new organisational purpose as part of our recent strategic review.  Our reflections about what our organisation is here to do and how it relates to the wider Transition movement were informed and stimulated by feedback from Transitioners around the world.  Thanks again to […]