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Inter-beingness: virtual circles

Inter-beingness: Nothing to do, nowhere to go, no-one to be A virtual territory where we come together, in body and spirit, sharing how we feel and who we are as part of the great web of life Many of us have a longing for sustained inner peace, harmony, and equilibrium between being and becoming, stillness […]

Coming Down to Earth – an Online Summit about Conflict Transformation

A journey to explore pathways towards regenerative cultures in a time of breakdown – 15th June to 15th July

The Roots of White Supremacy Are In Our Bodies – Part Two

This is the second blog from guest editor Madelanne Rust-D’Eye. Read her first, The Roots of White Supremacy are in Our Bodies. The Unthought Known This is the second in a series of articles that explore why practicing embodiment – that is, slowing down and looking at the moment-by-moment ways we experience and relate to our bodies […]

The Roots of White Supremacy are in Our Bodies

By Madelanne Rust-D’Eye. Like so many people, I’m feeling deeply impacted by the recent events in Charlottesville. I am touched and stirred by the voices of People of Colour (like Layla Saad’s in her letter, I Need to Talk to Spiritual White Women About White Supremacy, Part One), urging White People to step forward and take […]