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A space for the heart to flow and express itself Inter-beingness is a space that welcomes and nourishes, inviting presence and the power of intention to simply receive whatever comes. We have celebrated together the power of being virtually united under the light of the sacred within all of Us. A place where we can […]

Inter-beingness: virtual circles

Inter-beingness: Nothing to do, nowhere to go, no-one to be A virtual territory where we come together, in body and spirit, sharing how we feel and who we are as part of the great web of life Many of us have a longing for sustained inner peace, harmony, and equilibrium between being and becoming, stillness […]

Coming Down to Earth – an Online Summit about Conflict Transformation

A journey to explore pathways towards regenerative cultures in a time of breakdown – 15th June to 15th July

The Roots of White Supremacy Are In Our Bodies – Part Two

This is the second blog from guest editor Madelanne Rust-D’Eye. Read her first, The Roots of White Supremacy are in Our Bodies. The Unthought Known This is the second in a series of articles that explore why practicing embodiment – that is, slowing down and looking at the moment-by-moment ways we experience and relate to our bodies […]

The Roots of White Supremacy are in Our Bodies

By Madelanne Rust-D’Eye. Like so many people, I’m feeling deeply impacted by the recent events in Charlottesville. I am touched and stirred by the voices of People of Colour (like Layla Saad’s in her letter, I Need to Talk to Spiritual White Women About White Supremacy, Part One), urging White People to step forward and take […]