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Apply to become the Transition Hubs (HHC) Coordinator

The Transition Movement is looking for a Hubs Heart Circle Operational Coordinator. This role is a very important part of our international support ecosystem. It is an opportunity to be involved in a wide range of activities, from international strategising and visioning to delivering value to the movement via coordinating delivery of key projects. Basic […]

New Training: Transition Facilitators

We are excited to announce that the first iteration of the Transition Facilitators Training is ready to launch. What is it? Transition Facilitators Training is a free, guided online course designed for existing and aspiring Transition Trainers. It will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to facilitate transformational learning journeys based on […]

Developing our potential for leadership

Enhancing the leadership capacity in the movement is one goal of training people in transition. The lessons, ideas and tools that have proven their effectiveness are worthwhile sharing. We are keen to get better at this and want to share with you what is on the cards (beyond the work already well underway) to develop […]

Training communities in transition

The work we do at the international level exists to support transition groups and hubs wherever they are. If you cannot find help for your work locally, regionally or nationally, then we exist to support you in your endeavours.  Over the decades we built a wealth of experience and information about the kind of things […]

Transition Network is Recruiting: Fundraising Role

Are you interested in joining a creative, innovative and committed team working to support the international Transition movement, amplify stories of community-led change, and nurture collaborations across difference? Do you have skills and experience in fundraising? Can you contribute to our development as a shared governance organisation exploring, and seeking to model, the changes we […]

Transition trainers – who are they?

There are those in our Transition community that are prepared to share the wealth of knowledge and experience they have developed over the years. Whilst we all share our experiences and knowledge in community there are those we consider to be elders and there are those we consider experts.  To make it easier for you […]

Sources of Transition Training

In 2023 we are re-energising and re-developing the ways in which you can learn about Transition. We will be offering new courses, accessible online as well as offline, and develop the support we provide to those teaching and facilitating Transition related learning journeys. As we are very excited about this work we like to introduce […]

Shared leadership in the Transition Network: can you help?

Are you willing to bring your perspective and have time to commit? Do you want to help us reimagine and rebuild our world? Are you willing to share leadership responsibility? In England and Wales, where the Transition Network is registered as a charity, trustees share leadership and legal responsibilities for an organisation. Together with the […]