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“Better than Growth” released by Australian Conservation Foundation

Arguing for something beyond economic growth An outstandingly well produced paper on how we can redesign our ways of living based on something other than economic growth and all its attendant troubles. It takes the best parts from work by the UK new economics foundation, the UK Conservative Party’s “Quality of Life Challenge” (!), the Stiglitz […]

Standard Transition Presentation for awareness raising

Here’s the presentation that I use for awareness raising events. It’s focussed somewhat on the UK, and also has lots about other places around the world. I’ve refined itover many showings and it works well for me – and the audience, generally :¬) Fully scripted (check out the “notes” for each slide), it can be […]

American perspective on some innovative UK food projects

Sent in by Kenrick Chin from Dundas in Transition in Canada, this article weaves a story around visits to Wales, Oxford and London by a US-based food writer and activist, Mark Winne. Winne finds many inspiration projects in his whistlestop tour, showing how determined innovation can really make a difference to our carbon emissions around […]

Transition Town Tooting – Trashcatchers Carnival & Symposium

Transition Town Tooting has, right from the start, been an innovator in how to design and run an inclusive and diverse initiative. They’ve also managed to create a lot of colour along the way. They now have a really wonderful looking two days of celebration and inquiry – Transition Town Tooting, Project Phakama and Emergency […]

Job ad: EDAP implementation coordinator for Transition Town Totnes

Stellar job opportunity This has gotta be one the best jobs on the planet. Transition Town Totnes have just published their extraordinary Energy Descent Action Plan and they’re now recruiting someone to implement it. All the details are in the job advert. Here’s an excerpt: “This is a new position of significant responsibility and profile […]

Transition Town Maidenhead’s Energy Cooperative launched

Meeting the energy challenge head on, together Transition Town Maidenhead has some very entrepreneurial characters. With the introduction of FITs (Feed in tariffs) for domestically produced energy, an opportunity has arisen for communities to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions, save money, create some wealth and share it around. Three transitioners there have responded to that […]

The Big Lunch: will 2010 be bigger than 2009?

From our friends at the Big Lunch… You’re invited to a very Big Lunch! The Big Lunch invites you to sit down and have lunch with your neighbours, in the middle of your street, on Sunday 18th July. Last year 730,000 people ate at 8,000 Lunches all across the UK – the biggest set of […]

Phonecoop: Raise cash for your initiative

All UK Transition Initiatives can now generate valuable ongoing income through an affinity Partnership with The Phone Co-op The Phone Co-op and Transition Network have been working together to establish an innovative web-based affinity partnership which Transition Initiatives can use to create a long-term sustainable income. This partnership has been developed in consultation with existing […]

Transition conference (UK): tickets now available

Tickets now on Sale for the Transition Network 2010 UK conference We’re excited (and very relieved) to finally be ready to open bookings for the 2010 conference. This year’s conference will feature a dazzling smorgasbord of open space and inspiring workshops, including some longer in-depth sessions, skill shares, project shares, networking, entertainment, all your meals, lots […]

Transition Town Worthing (UK) gazette – excellent example

Transition Town Worthing not only have a rather eyecatching (and cheap to print) logo but have now come up with a really excellent and readable “Post Carbon Gazette” – which they dub as “Worthing’s fastest growing peak-oil-related newsletter” :¬) From their email: “This month, the focus is on Local Food. We have been inundated by […]

UK Conference May 2010: Date & location change

Update for May 2010 Transition Network UK conference We’ve had some bad news about the proposed location, Forest Row. The main location for the accommodation, Emerson College, has gone into receivership and is no longer available. There aren’t enough shop doorways in Forest Row for all the transitioners to huddle up overnight in, so we’re […]

"Green renters" organisation offering workshops

Australian organisation supporting people in rented accommodation vising UK, July – Sept

This just came through and there may be transitioners out there who’d like to make contact with this group. They seem to be doing great work in an area that receives insufficient attention.


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