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Le Pacte pour la Transition (Transition Pact)

Climáximo: Climate Jobs Campaign

In our ongoing series of blogs from Kevin Buckland, our final Guest Editor, we hear about collaborating with unions and workers to reduce emissions and create dignified and sustainable jobs. At the 4th Eco-socialist Conference in an aging high school in central Lisbon, I sat down with Joao Comargo, one of the conference organizers and […]

Pacific Climate Warriors

Kevin Buckland, our final Guest Editor, brings us his 3rd instalment, this time in the Pacific. In October of 2015, two months before the COP21 climate talks in Paris. A group of “Pacific Climate Warriors” from small, low-lying Pacific islands – some of the most climate-impacted places in the world- journeyed halfway around the world […]

The Value of Values in Talking Climate #2 – Finding Common Ground

The Value of Values in Talking Climate (and not mathematical ones)

This is the third in a series of blogs from our Guest Editor Kate Heath, an ex-humanitarian worker now based in Paris – exploring how to have constructive conversations about climate change. The lessons I’ve learned along this journey seem to have come from stumbling into every possible pitfall.   Want to talk climate change? Best scrub […]

We like life: Talking climate from the light side

A New Year, A New Quest?