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Grwpiau Trawsnewid Cymru, Lloegr a’r Alban – helpwch ni i siapio’r dyfodol!

Mae’r Rhwydwaith Trawsnewid yn datblygu cais i Gronfa Gymunedol y Loteri Genedlaethol, ac mae arnom angen eich cymorth

Stepping Up and Reaching Out – Taking That Step

How do we take first steps towards working together regionally? How do we make this conversation realistic and useful?

Stepping Up and Reaching Out – Themes and Roles

Regional networks help groups to create a larger narrative and vision for a region with more impact and increased possibilities for positive change.

Stepping Up and Reaching Out – Thriving and Barriers

In this third blog, sharing experiences from workshops in England and Wales about regional networks, we reflect on what we know helps groups to thrive.

Stepping Up and Reaching Out – Stories and Mapping

Welcome to the second in our series of blogs exploring how stepping up and reaching out at a regional level can help our groups to have even more impact where we are, while also creating new possibilities, energy, and influence at a larger scale.

Stepping Up and Reaching Out – Regional Networks Guides

We are proud to introduce our new Regional Networks Guide and Workshop Facilitation Guide, both developed through a series of workshops and collaborations between Transition Network and English Transitioners.