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Hidden In Plain Sight

This is the first blog from guest editor Helene Oakley. Helene will be writing on the theme of “Transition from the edge and in-between”. The closets we live in and the personal work of transition. As guest editor over the coming weeks I’ll be curating my blogs on the themes of gender, sexuality and power. These […]

Seeing and using our own resources

This is the third blog from guest editor, Wangũi Kamonji – researcher, storyteller, dancer, community builder, teacher and learner. Joseph Lentunyoi and the Laikipia Permaculture Centre Interested to find out what the buzz in environmental circles regarding permaculture was about, I took a permaculture design course in May this year. I found myself at Laikipia […]

The body as a sensing, political tool to practice Democracy in Civic spaces

This is the fourth blog from guest editors, The Eroles Project. The Eroles Project,, works to create conditions for personal and political change towards a sustainable and equitable world, through building an active community of changemakers, designing complex-responsive projects and hosting international residencies. During the summer of 2017, two-week residencies were run in Eroles, in […]

Transitioning Abroad: Eco Villages and Migration

Our guest editors Raquel Ribeiro and Daniel Pinheiro document stories of migration, particularly to their local area in Portugal, as well as examine the implications of migration and sustainable living. You can find their blog here. In this, their fifth blog, they interviewed Robert Hall, President of Ecolise.  He gives his perspective about the different types of […]

Transition Network’s Purpose – tell us what you think!

Transition Network is developing a new Strategy.  In fact, it will be a Strategic Framework, with a number of different aspects, rather than a fixed strategy.  One part of this will be an organisational purpose – to help us check, prioritise and decide what actions to take and which projects to develop. (Other parts of […]

Transitioning Abroad: Migration in Latin America

Our guest editors Raquel Ribeiro and Daniel Pinheiro document stories of migration, particularly to their local area in Portugal, as well as examine the implications of migration and sustainable living. You can find their blog here. In this, their fourth blog, they met Isabela and Anhai earlier this year, on the International Transition Network Hubs Gathering.  

The Value of Values in Talking Climate (and not mathematical ones)

This is the third in a series of blogs from our Guest Editor Kate Heath, an ex-humanitarian worker now based in Paris – exploring how to have constructive conversations about climate change. The lessons I’ve learned along this journey seem to have come from stumbling into every possible pitfall.   Want to talk climate change? Best scrub […]

Transitioning Abroad: Migration in Luxembourg and Romania

Our guest editors Raquel Ribeiro and Daniel Pinheiro document stories of migration, particularly to their local area in Portugal, as well as examine the implications of migration and sustainable living. You can find their blog here. In this, their third blog, they interviewed Adina and Katy in Italy earlier this year during the International Transition Network […]

Start small – the story of Bec Hellouin Permaculture Farm

Charles and Perrine Hervé-Gruyer decided to become low impact farmers in 2006. It was a long and difficult initiation. He had been a sailor, she an international lawyer; their efforts to grow food without mechanisation or chemicals were often ridiculed in the early years. But their farm in Normandy, Bec Hellouin, is now established as […]

Commencer petit – l’histoire du Bec Hellouin

Perrine et Charles Hervé-Gruyer ont décidé de passer à l’agriculture à faible impact en 2006. L’initiation a été longue et délicate, lui était marin, elle avocate en droit international, leurs efforts pour faire pousser fruits et légumes sans tracteur ni engrais ont plus souvent qu’à leur tour été tournés en ridicule. Aujourd’hui, leur ferme du […]

COP23: Everybody needs to sit at the table – it’s only one planet

Nonty Ntokozo Charity Sabic talks to Gesa Maschkowski – co-founder of Transition Initiative Bonn im Wandel – about the rising voice of indigenous people at COP23. Nonty is bringing traditional Shamanic practices to the 21th century, she is advocating for immigrants in Europe and trying to build a bridge of healing and reconciliation between the […]

Come for the fun, stay for the revolution

This is the fifth and final blog from guest editor Kate Duva of of Prosocial Power. In a world that’s been increasingly paved over and privatized, it can be hard to find open places and spaces to gather. As Lucy Gomez-Feliciano of Logan Square Neighborhood Association says, many grassroots collectives have to operate as a “road show” […]

Natural Voice – Putting it all together…

This is the fourth blog from our guest editors, Jenny Goodman and Bid Cousins. We are gearing up this week for our weekend ‘Songs of Change’. We’re expecting about 20 people to come to Scarborough to join us for two days of intensive singing and songwriting, and we are looking forward to sharing the outcomes […]

Can singing change the world?

This is the second blog from Jenny Goodman, read her first ‘Can singing change your life?’. After our initial blog, I’ve been thinking about how singing changes things at a community and global level. Can it initiate and support change and how and why? Communal singing has been one of the tools used by protest movements […]

COP23: Where is the place for community-led initiatives?

Robert Hall, president of Ecolise and Board member of the International Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) lives in the ecovillage of Suderbyn, Sweden. In January 2013 he quit his well-paid position with the Swedish government to become full-time ecovillage activist. Here, he talks to Christiane Kliemann about COP23, his hopes and frustrations. With thanks to Christiane Kliemann, member […]

Singing for Peace – Dahab, Egypt

This is the second blog from Bid Cousins, read her first ‘Can singing change your life?’. I’ve just returned from 10 days in Dahab on the Red Sea. My son lives there with his wife and child. You could say Dahab is a place in transition – my impression of it is a frontier town. […]

Where do you feel Transition should go next?

Please note : a more recent update online here Transition Network (the organisation) is reviewing and renewing our organisational strategy. We are looking at what our organisational purpose is, in a rapidly changing global context. A crucial part of this process is understanding better what’s happening in the wider picture of Transition. There are now […]

Can singing change your life?

Hello – we are Jenny Goodman and Bid Cousins,  singing leaders who belong to the Natural Voice network. We’re going to explore a couple of questions this month, namely: Can singing change your life? Can singing change the world? We’re building a specific project on what we’ve been observing and doing for years, and we’d […]

From Self-Defense to Self-Determination

Parable of the Sower Intentional Community Cooperative. This is the fourth blog from guest editor Kate Duva of Prosocial Power. A conversation with Aleta Alston-Touré is not a conversation about one woman. It’s a conversation about a movement – a vast chorus of thousands of people who are fighting and loving their way to collective […]

Transition Sacred

Written by Erik Lindberg and re-posted from This is the fourth in a series of blogs. Read blogs one, two and three.

Our arrival to Politicking

This summer Eroles Project hosted two international residencies in Spain focusing on Deepening Citizenship and Emerging Politics. During the second residency 10 people gathered for 12 days in the rural village of Eroles to share their understanding, experience and practice of Emerging Politics. In this blog post they attempt to (re)define politicking, a word that […]

A Web of Generations: Housing for All Ages at Chicago’s H.O.M.E.

This is the third blog from Kate Duva, read her first ‘Grief: The Great Changemaker’ and second El Amor de la Comunidad. It’s community dinner night at Pat Crowley House. Golden oldies are wafting through the room – Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys, Come Together by the Beatles – thanks to Mike, a young college student who is […]

El Amor de la Comunidad

Loving Community with Logan Square Neighborhood Association’s Early Learning Ambassadors. This is the second blog from Kate Duva, read her first ‘Grief: The Great Changemaker’. I inhale exhaust from thousands of cars on my bike ride through Chicago, past people sleeping on the pavement, under highways clogged with traffic, to make it to my destination – […]

Eroles Project – Deepening Citizenship

It is with much delight that we are introducing our fifth Guest Editor – The Eroles Project. In this introductory piece, Mona Rathsman, one of Eroles’ co-founders, shares her experience of being a part of designing, coordinating and holding the explorative learning-for-action residency that takes place in Catalonia, Spain each summer. In this blog she talks […]

Training from the Heart in Rio

Claudia Valadares Arakaki and fellow facilitators Melissa Bivar and Renata Lara ran three Transition Launch Trainings in Rio De Janeiro.  Naresh Giangrande, Transition Network Training Coordinator, spoke to Claudia about her experience.

Transition Political

Written by Erik Lindberg and re-posted from This is the third in a series of blogs. Read blogs one and two. I want to begin by recapping what I see as the two most important points I’ve made so far about the Transition Movement, its significance, and where and why I think it is stumbling, and I’ll […]

Deconstructing Transition

Written by Erik Lindberg and re-posted from This is the second part of a series. Read part 1 The brilliance of the Transition Movement comes largely from its narrative.  This should not be surprising for much of human brilliance shines from our stories and tales, providing the glimmers and flashes of hopes in the […]

On Transition (!)

Written by Erik Lindberg and re-posted from I have just returned from the first Transition US National Gathering and then a subsequent Leadership Retreat and I have Transition on my mind.  Despite the demands of my work life and a multi-year home restoration project that gets delayed a tiny bit more with every word […]

The Roots of White Supremacy are in Our Bodies

By Madelanne Rust-D’Eye. Like so many people, I’m feeling deeply impacted by the recent events in Charlottesville. I am touched and stirred by the voices of People of Colour (like Layla Saad’s in her letter, I Need to Talk to Spiritual White Women About White Supremacy, Part One), urging White People to step forward and take […]

On Venice and curiosity

By Rob Hopkins. En route home from the Transition Hubs gathering, I had the enormous privilege of spending a day in Venice, wandering around with no destination in mind (the best way to explore Venice in my opinion).  For me, it is the most beautiful place in the world.  It is a jewel, a gem. Somewhere […]